More inclusive scholarly reviews.

Established in 2021, Rhea Classical Reviews is an online, open access book review journal that features emerging and underrepresented scholarly voices in ancient Mediterranean Studies.

Our Mission

Rhea Classical Reviews is predicated on the beliefs that: (1) book reviews should be a constructive, conscientious, and helpful evaluation of the work; (2) the current review model in Classics and related fields does not always prioritize these qualities; (3) emerging and alternative scholars, and particularly individuals within equity-seeking groups, would benefit from a review venue that embraces their contributions as authors and reviewers.

Rhea features reviews written exclusively by emerging or alternative academics: pre-tenure, non-tenure track, or contingent faculty; graduate students; independent scholars; and those with academic training who have chosen a career path adjacent to or outside of academia proper. The books reviewed by Rhea are, with rare exception, also written by such scholars. In addition, Rhea reviews may include a Q&A with the author or editor of the work under review, facilitating a collegial exchange of ideas as part of the review process.

Rhea is a space for emerging and alternative scholars, giving priority to new and underrepresented voices by offering a collaborative model for book reviews in ancient Mediterranean studies.