More inclusive scholarly reviews.

Established in 2021, Rhea Classical Reviews is an online, open access book review journal that features emerging and underrepresented scholarly voices in ancient Mediterranean Studies.

Our Mission

Rhea Classical Reviews is predicated on the beliefs that: (1) book reviews should be a constructive, conscientious, and helpful evaluation of the work; (2) the current review model in Classics and related fields does not always prioritize these qualities; (3) emerging and alternative scholars, and particularly individuals within equity-seeking groups, would benefit from a review venue that embraces their contributions as authors and reviewers.

Rhea features reviews written exclusively by emerging or alternative academics: pre-tenure, non-tenure track, or contingent faculty; graduate students; independent scholars; and those with academic training who have chosen a career path adjacent to or outside of academia proper. The books reviewed by Rhea are, with rare exception, also written by such scholars. In addition, Rhea reviews may include a Q&A with the author or editor of the work under review, facilitating a collegial exchange of ideas as part of the review process.

Rhea is a space for emerging and alternative scholars, giving priority to new and underrepresented voices by offering a collaborative model for book reviews in ancient Mediterranean studies.

Editorial Board

Executive Editorial Board

Hilary Bouxsein
Executive Committee Chair

Hilary | she, her, hers
PhD, Classics, University of Virginia
Visiting Assistant Professor, Classics, St. Olaf College
Greek Poetry, Philosophy, Linguistics

Colin Whiting
Editorial Committee Co-Chair

Colin | he, him, his
PhD, History, University of California, Riverside
Managing Editor of Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton Oaks
Late Antique History, Early Christianity, Patristics, Roman History

Maggie Beeler
Communications and Development Committee Co-Chair
Maggie | she, her, hers
PhD, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
Visiting Assistant Professor, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Greek and Roman Classics, Temple University
Greek Archaeology, Aegean Bronze Age, Seals and Sealings, Social Difference, Critical Theory

Chelsea A.M. Gardner
Editorial Committee Vice Chair, Communications Committee Co-Chair

Chelsea | she, her, hers
PhD, Classics: Classical Archaeology, University of British Columbia
Associate Professor of Ancient History, Acadia University
Greek Archaeology, Greek Religion and Sacred Space, Lakonia, Digital Humanities, Pedagogy

Jennifer LaFleur
Executive Committee Vice Chair, Development Committee Co-Chair
Jennifer | she, her, hers
PhD Candidate, Classics, University of Virginia
Assistant Director of Student Academic Support, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Virginia
Greek and Roman Historiography, Cultural Exchange and Appropriation, Pedagogy, esp. Contemplative and Anti-oppression Pedagogy, Educational Equity

Emily S. Wilson
Editorial Committee Co-Chair
Emily | she, her, hers
PhD, Classics, University of Chicago
Instructor, Colorado State University
Iron Age and Archaic Greek Archaeology, Eastern Greece, Trade, Religion, Ionia, Persia

Editorial Board

Samual Agbamu

Sam | he, him, his

PhD, Classics, King’s College London

Teacher of Latin and Classics; Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Royal Holloway, University of London

Latin Literature, Neo-Latin Literature, esp. Petrarch, Classical Reception

Ashley L. Bacchi

Bacchi | she, her, hers; they, their, theirs

PhD, Jewish History and Culture, Graduate Theological Union

Assistant Professor, Jewish History and Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Starr King School for the Ministry; Lecturer, Pacifica Graduate Institute and Humboldt State University

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Ancient Judaism (Hebrew Bible, Second Temple and Hellenistic Judaism), Early Christianity, Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Prophecy/Prophetic Agency, Art & Archaeology of the Hellenistic Mediterranean, Intersectional Feminist Hermeneutics, Intertextuality, Hellenistic Literature

Aaron Beck-Schachter

Aaron | he, him, his

PhD, Classics, Rutgers University

Visiting Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, Newark

Greek Literature and Religion, Attic Drama and Literary Theory, Spartan Historiography, Images and Cult Statues

Courtney Evans
Courtney | he, him, his
PhD, Classics, University of Virginia
Instructor, Department of Classics, Duke University
Horace, Latin Poetry

Carolin Garcia Fine
Katie | she, her, hers
PhD, Classical Archaeology, Florida State University
Forensic Archaeologist, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
Mediterranean Prehistory, Ancient Ceramic Production and Consumption, Gender and Social Theory in Archaeology/History, History of Archaeological Thought and Colonialism, Art Crime, Critical Pedagogical Theory

Katherine Harrington
Katherine | she, her, hers
PhD, Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University
Visiting Teaching Faculty, Florida State University;
Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center for Anatolian Civilization (ANAMED), Koç University
Greek Archaeology (esp. Archaic through Hellenistic), Greek Art, Greek History, Archaeological Theory, Daily Life, Houses and Households, Urban Studies, Craftspeople, Technology, Craft Production, Ancient Economy, Women and Gender, Legacy Data

Benjamin Jasnow
Ben | he, him, his
PhD, Classics, University of Virginia
Visiting Assistant Professor, Language and History, William Jewell College
Ancient Greek Poetry, Identity, Myth, Reception

Erika Jeck
Erika | she, her, hers
PhD, History, University of Chicago
History Teacher, Collegiate School
Roman Greece; Ancient Food Systems; Extra-urban Landscapes and Social Geography; Greek & Roman Religion; Middle & Upper School Humanities Education

Olivia A. Jones
Olivia | she, her, hers
PhD/RPA, Greek Archaeology, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (University of Groningen)
Instructor, Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, West Virginia University; Lead Curator/Collections Manager, West Virginia Archaeological Research and Collections Management Facility, Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex
Mycenaean Archaeology, Bioarchaeology/Human Osteology, NAGPRA, Mortuary Practices/Anthropology of Death

Stephanie Kimmey
Stephanie | she, her, hers
PhD, Art History and Archaeology, University of Missouri, Columbia
Visiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Department of Classics, Colorado College
Greek Archaeology & Art History (Mycenaean through Hellenistic) and Ceramic Studies; Ancient Religion, Magic, and Medicine; Greek Sanctuaries; Classical Reception, esp. of Myth

Vivian A. Laughlin
Vivian | she, her, hers
PhD, Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology, Andrews University
Andrew W. Mellon/HILLS Postdoctoral Scholar, Case Western Reserve University
Ancient Cultures, Cults, Cyprus, Egypt, Ethnoarchaeology, Ethnohistory, Greece, Hellenistic and Roman Periods, Historical Archaeology, Historiography, Italy, Levant, Military, Turkey, Isis and Serapis

Andrew M. McClellan
Andrew | he, him, his
PhD, Classics, University of British Columbia
Lecturer, Classics and Humanities, San Diego State University
Greek and Latin Poetry, esp. Epic and Tragedy, Classical Reception

Theodore Nash
Theo | he, him, his
MA, Classical Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
PhD Student, Classical Archaeology, University of Michigan
Greek Bronze Age, Mycenaean Language and Culture, Linear B and Related Scripts; Homer and Early Greek Poetry

Hannah L. Ringheim
Hannah | she, her, hers
PhD, Classical Archaeology, University of Oxford
Researcher, ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Greek Ceramics, Greek Military History/Mercenaries, Iron Age throguh Archaic Greece, Trade between Greece and Eastern Mediterranean, Material Culture and Military History in Greco-Roman Egypt

Leticia R. Rodriguez
Leticia | she, her, hers
PhD, Art History, University of Texas at Austin
Postdoctoral Scholar in Greek Art and Archaeology, Florida State University
East Greece, Ionia; Western Anatolia, Achaemenid Anatolia, Near East

Dylan K. Rogers
Graduate Mentorship Chair
Dylan | he, him, his
PhD, Classical Art & Archaeology, University of Virginia
Lecturer, Roman Art & Archaeology, University of Virginia
Roman Water, esp. Fountains, Sensory Archaeology, Identity, Roman Religion, Mosaics, Wall-painting, Sculpture, Roman Greece and the East

Catherine B. Scott
Catherine | she, her, hers
PhD, Archaeology, Boston University
Lecturer, University Writing Program, Brandeis University
Eastern Mediterranean, esp. W. Anatolia, Bronze Age, Fortified Sites, Spatial Analysis, Sediment Chemistry, Digital Archaeology, esp. Photogrammetry, Mapping in GIS, Database Management

Rebecca M. Seifried
Becky | she, her, hers
PhD, Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Geospatial Information Librarian, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Survey Archaeology, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Post-Medieval (Byzantine, Ottoman, Early Modern), Eastern Mediterranean

Debby Sneed
Debby | she, her, hers
PhD, Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles
Lecturer, Department of Classics, California State University, Long Beach
Greek Archaeology, Disability Studies, Disability History, Ancient Greek Medicine, Ancient Identity

Madeleine St. Marie
Madeleine | she, her, hers; they, their, theirs
PhD Candidate, Ancient Mediterranean History, University of California, Riverside
Social Studies Teacher, West Early College
Religious Studies, History, Reception of Antiquity, esp. in Non-prestige Media (e.g., Video Games)

Jennifer Starkey
PhD, Classics, University of Colorado
Unaffiliated Scholar
Greek Tragedy and Comedy

Sarah Teets
Sarah | she, her, hers
PhD, Classics, University of Virginia
Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia
Greek Literature of the Roman era, Josephus, Identity in Antiquity, Jewish Identity in the Roman Era, Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity, Critical Race Theory and the Reception of Antiquity in the Construction of Race in the US, Historiography, Psychology, Feminist Theory

Hugh Thomas
Hugh | he, him, his
PhD, Classical Archaeology, University of Sydney
Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
Greek Funerary Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, esp. Drones, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Multi-spectral Imagery